Clitical Talk art exhibition

I few weeks ago, Monika – one of my gorgeous amazonian friends, asked me if I wanted to participate in a project she was doing. She asked 4 female artists questions about their work and creative process and turned the answers into beautiful abstract paintings full of colours, emotions and energy.

The paintings where part of the Clitical Talk art exhibition in Vienna, Austria.

You can find Monica at


Here are my answers and her interpretation of them:


What moves you to create?

Currently my whole life is driven by the will to create. I wake up and go to sleep with the thought of what I did today and what I’m going to do tomorrow, my whole being wants to create. I try not to overwhelm myself with the big picture and to take a few small steps at a time (yes, small steps translating into endless hours of work). I believe that I am where I am for a reason and try to stay mindful. Right now everything seems quite simple – put your heart in everything you do, show your true self, explore, give and take, just open your eyes for what is already infront of you. I slowly start to understand something about myself – I can be happy only when I do what I love and what I always wanted to do – to create.

What dares you to push your boundaries as an artist?

I always think about myself first as a problem-solver than an artist. It might be the reason why I studied architecture and not art. I will never get used to people calling me an artist because in my head this is someone unreachable, someone I will never be cool enough to be. In that sense, I don’t see boundaries for myself. I see plans, problems, possibilities, collaborations, even rejections and failurs. Thinking big might be scary sometimes and even start as something completely ridiculous, but it can also lead you to a reasonable idea and totally doable project.

Is your art a safe space or a place of vulnerability?

Definitely a safe space. I don’t always know what I am doing but I am confident in my ability to learn, to adapt, to discuss, to focus 100% on what I am doing. That’s why I often find myself asking friends and strangers for feedback and invite them to get involved and interact with my work. My safe space is my communication with people, which often leads to creating something.

How do you feel when you imagine yourself in the process of creating your art?

I feel strong, confident, accomplished, happy that I’m making people happy with what I love doing most.