100 Places I’ve lived (and loved)

In November 2017 I launched my first Kickstarter project “Home portraits” as part of Kickstarter’s Commissions campaign. It got successfully funded with 100 backers and 370% of the original funding goal!

My second Kickstarter project “Home portraits | 100 Places I’ve lived (and loved)” is a continuation of what I already started with “Home portraits” – combining my love for Architecture and Art and in the same time making people happy with what makes me happy!

          Everyone has their favorite places – world famous attractions, parks, restaurants – but the places that are closest to our hearts, are the ones we create ourselves…Everyone’s home is unique as the people living there. I believe that a home’s character lives in the details and the effort and thought, people put into them – the way the curtains are moving when the windows are open, the color you chose to paint the walls, the bed sheets you got from Ikea for your shared apartment room…The combination of all of those things is what makes this place not only a place to live, but Your place to love, to share, to remember and to tell stories about. 

          “Home portraits | 100 Places I’ve lived (and loved)” is a way to keep a memory, to open yourself the whole world, to make an awesome present to someone you love or something to celebrate and honor the story of your own favorite place! I want to tell your unique story and to illustrate your one of a kind space! 

           “Home portraits | 100 Places I’ve lived (and loved)” is not only a crowdfunding but also a participatory project – the final result of will be an e-book, which all my backers will be part of with their 100 favorite personal places. 

If you choose to take part in this project with your dearest place on earth, this is how we are going to do it:  

1. You choose a nice picture (or pictures) of the place you want me to portray. If you don’t have a picture – that’s okay, we can also use Google Maps, but make sure that you have checked before if the images are up to date. You can also give me detailed description without a picture and I’ll do my best to visualize it. Remember – any personal information I will receive during your commission is confidential, no names or addresses will be shared! Also – I would love to share my process with my backers and keep everyone excited for their illustration, but if someone asks me to keep their drawing in private, I will fully respect their wish!  

2. After you have chosen the place – we talk about it! What story has this place to tell, who are we making happy with this illustration, do we add colors, is there any specific things you want to include in the drawing – any bits and bobs that might be relevant. Also if you want to include a personal message, quote or a “my favorite place is better than yours” – now is the time! Each illustration will be accompanied by a few descriptive sentences.  

3. Then I will do a sketch and show it to you, so you can make small changes if you don’t like something, before I start inking it or adding colors. It is extremely important to me that we communicate our wishes to get the best drawings ever!  

4. Your illustration is ready! It will be part of the book “100 Places I’ve lived (and loved)” and in the meantime you get a nice high quality digital version of your illustration sent to your email. I will send you the original drawing per post as well. 

5. You tell everyone about it and I continue drawing, because that’s what I do! <3


For more information head over to the project page on Kickstarter: