E411 Project

Mural for E411 Project: Auderghem, Brussels

The movement has been activated by urban activist, young architects and artists who want to open a collective local dialogue box for creative ideas to form, and with the support of community officials, to bring life into the spaces underneath the E411 viaduct.

The Project focuses on creation of community and acts as a social megaphone, amplifying the community’s voice and It serves as a platform where ideas for urban change take form and activate those spaces through temporary interventions, community discussions, and social events.

The overall initiative E411 aims to activate spaces along the Herrmann Debroux Viaduct in Brussels through participatory creation of temporal urban, social and architectural interventions. This process of inclusion is seen as a dialectical method that fosters the discourse on the future of Auderghem, Brussels.

The Project kicked off on the last week of summer, on a Sunday afternoon underneath the E411 at the Drieborrenweg. A particular spot at the entrance of the Sonian forest where many serious joggers, bikers, and wanderers gathered for their usual active session.

The fresco mural was completed entirely during the event on the 27th of August 2017.

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