Meidlinger Melange | Vienna, Austria

Studio Housing: Meidlinger Melange

Aichholzgasse 28 | Vienna, Austria

supervison: Jan Schröder

          Studio Housing is the first design-oriented class at the technical university and imparts the fundamentals of housing in spatial and contextual connections. The students are confronted with a concrete situation for dealing with the topic of living by means of design. Particular attention should be paid to the orientation and topography of the land, the development of the corner situation and complying different housing typologies.

  • “Meidlinger Melange” is a mixed-use urban village building, combining ateliers , student dormitory and multistory “houses”
  • the focus is on the mixture of different housing typologies and development of multifunctional common areas for different groups of residents
  • it consists of 9 apartments, 2 student/young family apartments, 20 student dormitory rooms, 4 ateliers and 920m2 common areas